The LFEA lobbies the Louisiana State Legislature on behalf of the local film and entertainment industries. The association represents a unified voice for industry professionals and businesses, and pushes the legislature to keep and continue to make favorable legislation so these industries may continue to grow and thrive.

Most recently, LFEA successfully lobbied the Louisiana legislature to keep in place tax breaks which have played an integral role in the exponential growth of the entertainment industry in the last 10 years. This action saved a potentially disastrous exodus of industries that have had substantial positive economic impact on the state and its citizens. The tax breaks have and will continue to bring millions of dollars into the Louisiana economy and thousands of jobs to Louisiana citizens.

LFEA also regularly monitors rule promulgation for non-statutory changes. Currently, there are two rules that will have a hearing schedule in December. You can review the details of these rules at the link below.

LED Rules – Hearing scheduled for Dec 30 at LED, 1301 North Third St., Baton Rouge, LA

LDR Rules hearing scheduled for December 29 at the LaSalle Building, 617 North Third St., Baton Rouge, LA. Calcasieu Room on the second floor.



The Entertainment Industry Development Advisory Commission (EIDAC), developed in 2013, is a commission empowered to make official legislative suggestions for ways to make the film and entertainment industry in Louisiana more self-sustaining.


Chris Stelly Director of the office of Entertainment Development

Stephanie LeGrange Secretary of the Department of Economic Development Designee

Jason DeCuir Department of Revenue Designee

Sen. J.P. Morrell Senate Revenue & Fiscal Affair Appointment

Rep. Joel Robideaux House Ways & Means Chairman

Greg Albrecht Economist with the Legislative Fiscal Office

Sen. Norby Chabert Senate President Designee

Rep. Julie Stokes House Speaker Desgnee

Will French Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association

Melissa Wiseman Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association

Sherri McConnell Recording Arts and Sciences

Reid Wick Recording Arts and Sciences

John Morton Louisiana Bankers Association

David Hoover Louisiana University Representative

David Sedevie Louisiana Community/ Technical College

Phil Locicero International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

Mike McHugh International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees